The MACS Lift

This method achieves a long-lasting lift. This is also the secret of the invisible scars: all the tension is subcutaneous. There is barely any traction on the skin itself. Your sagging neck, lower chin and cheeks are corrected subcutaneously and only a very small amount of skin is removed. Our surgeons always perform the full 3 purse-string MACS lift.

Who We Are

We work in the clinic where the MACS facelift was invented. It’s a state-of-the-art, bespoke facility which is only used for facelift surgery.

Drs. Pieter Vermeulen and Stefaan Van den Berge specialise in the MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) facelift technique. All other surgeons using the MACS technique for facelifts have learnt it from our clinic. Our surgical team has the most experience at performing the MACS facelift in the world.

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The team at the clinic was amazing! They made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Elm J

The results of everything the doctor has carried out are amazing. The results on my face are more than anyone could ever have hoped for. This doctor is clearly a genius, I look at least 15 years younger.

Doris S

I’m there and feeling right and other people can just feel it. I’m not afraid to look at people.

May C

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