How much does a facelift cost?

By Dr Pieter Vermeulen on Thursday, December 21, 2017

The financial cost


We offer three main options:


  1. The full-option MACS lift at 10,000 euros.
  2. The MACS lift combined with a Fogli brow lift at 6500 euros
  3. An eyelift on its own (known as a blepharoplasty) which costs 1500 euros for either a lower or an upper blepharoplasty and 3000 euros for both.


The MACS lift works by using three so-called ‘purse-string’ sutures to lift the underlying structures of the face. It’s so effective because it’s an actual change to the body and it’s a permanent change but it’s best used in combination with other options.


You can find out full details of all of our different options and their pricing here:


The difference it makes to your life


Several of our patients are writing online journals about the experiences after a MACS lift surgery at our clinic and here are some of their own words with some links to their online journals as well.


Testimonial 1: Doris S.


I chose Belgium based solely on the surgeon, Dr Vermeulen. I would have traveled anywhere in the world for the face-lift I wanted, after many years of searching I finally found the right one, I believe anyone on the same mission as I was, would choose Dr Vermeulen, he is honest and frank and very easy to talk to about your personal requirements, he is also very pleasant and listens, so many surgeon's I have consulted simply do not listen.


The results of everything the Dr has carried out are amazing, but the results on my face are more than anyone could ever have hoped for, this Dr is clearly a genius , i look at least 15 years younger, and more importantly i think i feel younger and act younger as a result, most people are OMG you look amazing.


Testimonial 2: May C.

It’s not just that you look younger, that was not my only goal. I’ll always tell people my age if they ask but also what I want is that people look at me and they say, you look very well. 

It’s also that if you feel more secure about yourself, you stand up straight and you look, well before the op, perhaps you’re a little bit shy or you hold yourself back and now after the op, I’m there and feeling right and other people can just feel it. I’m not afraid to look at people. 

It started a lot earlier when I realised that I wanted to do something. People always said to me you look good for your age but I finally realised that I did this thing of always looking into the mirror into my own face STRAIGHT ON and so it made me think, oh, no, it’s ok, it always looks like I’m 45, no problem, but then one day they made a video of me for an interview and they took a shot of me from the side, that was when I really saw my profile for the first time and when I saw that, I was like, NO! That's when I knew.

I’d already had a few pictures from holidays which I didn’t like and I used to just delete them and think, oh no, just a bad camera angle or the wrong picture or I wasn’t feeling well, or I wasn’t smiling in the picture but when I watched the video of that interview, I was thinking, no, that’s not my face anymore. 

I realised it was really going fast now, over two years time I saw so many things happen in my face, I was thinking no and it's the neck where you really see it (if you're brave enough to look!) The neck is really important, I thought but also the eyes, brow, cheeks and, some filler where it needs to go. Not too risky like a SMAS and not gone after a few months like a filler. So an extended MACS lift is what I chose. Especially when I saw a friend that Dr Vermeulen had treated, he did the new techniques with the MACS lift, I was thinking, this is something I have to do.


Testimonial 3: Elm J.


The team at the clinic was amazing! They made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. The nurses washed me, combed my hair, cleaned when I was sick after my op.


I went back home in one week time and returned back to work in 2 weeks’ time. 


I am very happy with my experience as I look much fresher and natural. I went though different stages of healing process when I had my ups and downs but eventually everything is settled- my face and breast. I am very pleased with my Doctor’s work, his professionalism and attitude. And I love the results. I know for sure that this is not my last procedure and I’ll definitely go back to him in the future.