Is a facelift worth it

By Dr Pieter Vermeulen on Thursday, September 14, 2017

What is deflation?

Deflation in the face is caused by fat vanishing in the midface (eyes, cheeks) which results in a tired, older looking face with more folds.


What is constriction?

Constriction happens because of the long-term movement of muscles and it causes creases in the face.


What is sagging?

Sagging happens to the face below the surface of the skin. The large tissue structures below the face naturally start to droop or sag after many years and this is the most visible sign of ageing in the face.

Can I get away with not having a facelift if I use fillers?

Fillers can only correct one of the three signs of ageing which is deflation. Fillers cannot correct constriction (creases) or sagging (droop). Standard fillers are also only a temporary fix which doesnt last.


Why is it worth having a facelift?

A MACS facelift is the only way to correct all three signs of ageing permanently and safely.

  • A MACS facelift will safely lift the large tissue structures below the face in a way that fillers alone never can which corrects sagging.
  • A MACS facelift will make the skin across the whole face taut as a small portion of skin is removed near the ear. This removes creases caused by constriction.
  • A MACS facelift at our clinic is accompanied by our own patented ‘nanofat’ grafting technique which is called SNIF (Sharp Needle Intradermal Fat grafting). This technique allows us to use the body’s own fat which doesn’t get reabsorbed into the body in the same way that fillers do. Treating deflation this way means you don’t need to get a ‘refill’ every year.