What other cosmetic procedures can be done with a facelift?

By Dr Pieter Vermeulen on Thursday, December 21, 2017

Immediately after the operation, you stay in the hospital under our 24 hour medical watch for the first night.


The morning after, your hair is washed by a nurse and then after that you go to one of our approved hotels or guesthouses in the area. With the full-option MACS lift, the cost for the hotel is included in the price for six nights. For the other options, we can suggest good locations for you to stay in.


You will stay in the hotel for around one week and then the stitches are removed by one of us.


After the operation your face looks bruised and swollen but this subsides very quickly and by the time you go back home it will look very nice already and then after three or four weeks it looks really great.


It would take about three to four weeks before someone can go back to work comfortably but you will be looking great by then.


Frequently asked questions after a facelift


  1. How soon can I fly long-distance after a facelift?
  1. If you have MACS lift surgery done and you want to travel we advise that you wait one week before you travel short distance (such as to another country in Europe by train or by plane) and ideally around four weeks before you enter a plane for a long-haul flight such as a twenty hour flight.


Waiting that length of time will be safer and more comfortable.




  1. Will my glands swell after surgery?
  1. Any type of surgery will induce some kind of inflammation so there might be a slight swelling of the glands after the surgery but this will disappear in the course of one week.




  1. When can I start sport after a MACS lift?
  1. If you do sport a lot and you have MACS lift surgery scheduled, we advise you to wait four to six weeks before you start sport again because it will feel more comfortable that way due to the initial tension of the skin which results from the surgery.





  1. Is it hard to speak at first after a facelift?
  1. If you have a MACS lift done, you may experience some problems opening your mouth in the first days but this will go away after one week. This is due to the purse-string sutures and the tension in the neck and its not a problem at all.




  1. Is it normal to get pains in my ear after a facelift? 
  1. If youve had a MACS lift and you experience pain in your ear, that might be a sign of a nerve having being touched during the surgery. Its not serious and it will most likely go away on its own.




  1. Will careful eating help reduce swelling after a facelift?
  1. If you are wondering about what to eat after your surgery to prevent swelling, there are no dietary restrictions so you can eat whatever you want after the surgery – it wont affect the swelling.




  1. Is it normal to have numb cheeks after a facelift?
  1. If youve had previous MACS lift surgery, it will take more than one year before all sensitive nerves are recovered. So during that time, you still can feel numbness in the cheek region but thats completely normal. It will come back after fourteen to sixteen months.




  1. Is it normal to have a pulling sensation in the cheek post-lift?
  1. If youve had MACS lift surgery and you feel a pulling sensation in the skin around the cheek, that can be normal. It takes sometimes a year before any scar retraction or pulling sensations are gone completely.




  1. What about scarring after a facelift for male patients?
  1. If youre a male patient and youre worrying about the scars after a facelift, we will put the scars in front of the ear where nobody will see them. Theyll be in a natural skin crease. Theyll be quite invisible. If you have very short hair then it might be a good thing to grow it a bit longer in the weeks before surgery. This will help hide scars in the first weeks.