Why is facelift surgery for women so popular?

By Dr Pieter Vermeulen on Saturday, September 2, 2017

In the past women faced only two real choices when it came to rejuvenating the face:


  1. Fillers which have to be applied again and again and don’t last
  2. Deep tissue SMAS lifts which run the risk of facial paralysis and the so-called ‘windswept’ look


With the invention of the MACS lift at our clinic, surgeons have found a way to balance all of these issues:


  • By not going too deep into the layers of the face, the MACS lift avoids the risk of touching the facial nerve and so prevents the risk of paralysis (the cause of the windswept look).
  • By only making vertical incisions along the edge of the ear (known as a retrotragal incision), there are absolutely no visible scars after the operation in female patients.
  • By actually changing the underlying structures of the face, there’s no more need to ‘top-up’ every year as you’d have to if you use fillers.


For the best results, the MACS lift is only part of the ‘look’


In this part of the article we will introduce you to the other techniques we use alongside the MACS lift and then explain why we always recommend a ‘unified’ operation to prevent a so-called ‘jigsaw’ result.

When it comes to surgery, less is always more. This is especially true when it comes to surgery on the face.

At our clinic we always advise patients to only have what they really need – and to have these procedures, if possible, at the same time.

The other techniques we offer to complement a MACS lift are the Fogli brow lift, upper and lower eyelifts (blepharoplasty) which include our own advanced fat transfer techniques and neck liposuction.


The Brow

The Fogli brow lift is a delicate lift which focuses on the tips of your eyebrows. It raises them slightly and subtley creating a refined yet balanced look. 


The Eyes


Work on the eyes comes under the scope of a surgical technique known as a  blepharoplasty.

What we do differently to any other clinic with a blepharoplasty is we use our own patented techniques to add the body’s own fat to precisely shape the eyes during the lift.

Dr Alexis Verpaele at our clinic developed the ‘nano fat’ method which involves multiple micro-injections of the body’s own fat.

This technique is utilised with a blepharoplasty at our clinic and has proven itself to give outstanding results which have led to our patenting of a technique called SNIF (Sharp Needle Intradermal Fat grafting).

This technique serves as a powerful and long-lasting alternative to traditional fillers because the body’s own fat does not get reabsorbed in the same way that traditional fillers do.

It does however require specialised surgical technique and skill.

Drs. Vermeulen, Van den Berge, Verpaele and Tonnard are all well trained in this technique.


The Neck


Alongside our other techniques we also perform a standard liposuction of the neck as a part of a full-option MACS lift.


Why do everything together?


We offer the full-option MACS lift including the Fogli brow lift and nano fat blepharoplasty and neck liposuction because, in our experience, it produces the best result.

From a medical perspective, performing upper and lower blepharoplasty at the same time as a Fogli brow lift enables the surgeons to combine the operations.

By doing the operations at the same time, the surgeon can, for example, improve the result of the Fogli brow lift by lifting the skin of the upper blepharoplasty at the same time in such a way as to create space for a flap of skin to be lifted in the precise location required for the brow lift. 

By combining the two procedures at the same time, the surgeon is able to create a better result.

This improved result is a one-off opportunity since, medically speaking, the combination of upper blepharoplasty and brow lift can only be done once.

Once either has been performed separately, especially by different surgeons, this opportunity no longer exists.

At our clinic we recommend the unified full-option procedure not only because of the surgical benefits of the unified approach but also to avoid a so-called ‘jigsaw’ result where a patient has many different operations over time. 

This is not to say that you cannot return later for a blepharoplasty and still get a good result. Only that the best result, in our experience comes from the unified approach.

We fully understand budgetary constraints which is why we offer the MACS lift with Fogli brow lift on their own.

Our advice to patients is always to have the full-option MACS lift to get the best result.


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