Eye surgery (blepharoplasty )

Eye surgery

Eye surgery Eye surgery (blepharoplasty )

Treatment Title Eye surgery (blepharoplasty )
Treatment Category Eye surgery
Gender Specific Men, Women
Cost An upper blepharoplasty costs 1500 euros A lower blepharoplasty costs 1500 euros Both together costs 3000 euros
Recovery Period 4-6 Weeks

What is the treatment?

Eye surgery can be done on both the upper and lower eyelids. This type of surgery is called a blepharoplasty and the way we do it is different to anywhere else because of the special techniques that we’ve invented at our clinic. On their own a blepharopasty can make your eyes look brighter and more youthful

An upper blepharoplasty works by removing any ‘hooding’ above the eyes.

A lower blepharoplasty works by removing any unsightly bags under the eyes.

At our clinic we’ve improved on the basic blepharoplasty method by using advanced techniques which we developed ourselves alongside the MACS lift itself. To explain, you need to think of someone you know who has 'great bone structure' in their face. When you say someone’s got ‘great bone structure’ or ‘beautiful cheek bones’ you’re talking about the malar area.

Traditional blepharoplasties don’t deal with ageing in the malar area – they only remove tissue from the eyelids. 

With our blepharoplasties we treat the eyes and the face around the eyes at the same time by rejuvenating those areas with our own specialised fat grafting techniques. The benefit of using the body’s own fat to treat these areas is that it’s not absorbed by the body in the same way that normal synthetic fillers are. That means these changes are permanent.

Another area that we pay close attention to is the tear trough. That’s the dark line that people can have under their eyes. Tear troughs start at the corner of the eye and run over the verge of the bony eye socket. Tear troughs can be filled with the fatty tissue that's in the ‘bag’ under the eye. For tear troughs, fat isn’t removed. Instead it’s moved from the bag under the eye to where it should be.

Our special techniques for blepharoplasty treatments are as follows.

The first technique we use alongside a standard blepharoplasty is called 'nanofat'.

We create tiny droplets of the body’s own fat which we then use in place of fillers to add fullness and to ‘shape’ the eyes alongside the traditional eyelid lift.

This achieves two things which are unique in the way we do a blepharoplasty at our clinic:

  1. It creates a rich depth and fullness around the eye which corrects for the body’s natural loss of fat around the eyes as we age (deflation).
  2. The change is not temporary because, unlike fillers, the body does not reabsorb its own fat.

You can read a scientific journal on this written by doctors working at our clinic here:


The second technique we use for a blepharoplasty which is special to our clinic is our method of transferring the fat. For this we use a technique invented at our clinic called SNIF (Sharp-Needle Intradermal Fat grating). This technique involves many different micro-injections into the skin around the eye to ‘place’ the body’s own fat perfectly.

You can read more about how this technique works in the following scientific journal:


You can read more on the clinic’s surgical experience with these techniques after more than 500 blepharoplasties with this method here (article from 2013):


Drs. Vermeulen, Van den Berge, Verpaele and Tonnard are all trained in these techniques.

What is the procedure of the treatment?

Our surgeons perform a blepharoplasty by making a very small incision in the natural crease of the eyelid.

If it’s an upper blepharoplasty then the surgeon will remove excess tissue to shape and form the eyelid to remove any ‘hooding’.

If it’s a lower blepharoplasty then the surgeon will lift the skin below the eye to remove any ‘bags’.

Once the main part of the surgery is complete then our surgeons will withdraw tiny amounts of fat using miniature needles to fill out the regions around the eye. The operation is performed under local anaesthetic and it only takes a couple of hours so once it’s done then you are free to travel although it’s often a good idea to have someone along to accompany you.

Who is the treatment best suited for?

This is a treatment for any age over twenty-five. It’s suitable for both men and women and it’s usually better to have both the upper and lower eyelids operated on at the same time to avoid a so-called ‘jigsaw’ effect.

Treatment Results:


Neck liposuction was applied alongside the MACS and Fogli lift to give a unified result.


Alongside the MACS lift, the patient’s eyes were given special attention to lift the lower and upper eyelids. The patient also received nanofat injections in the malar area.

I am very happy with my Doctor’s work, his professionalism and approach. I love the results and I know this won’t be my last procedure and I’ll be certain to go back to him in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does a blepharoplasty last?

The effects of a blepharoplasty are permanent.

Q: Will a blepharoplasty be enough on its own?

To get the best look for your face it’s important to approach your face as a unified whole. Doing single operations in a piecemeal way can lead to a so-called ‘jigsaw’ look. To avoid this get a full consultation for the face to make sure you get the best result.