What types of facelift are there?

The range of different types of facelift operation can be bewildering at first, which include the Deep plane lifts, SMAS lifts, short scar lifts, mini lifts, endoscopic and many others.

They can be grouped into three major types:

  1. Deep (SMAS, deep plane)
  2. Medium (MACS)
  3. Superficial (mini lifts, endoscopic).

The deep lifts go far below the surface of the skin and remove a lot of tissue. They run the risk of going close to the facial nerves which can cause facial paralysis (the so-called windswept look). This is the oldest technique and it creates the largest scars.

Medium lifts go change the structures below the skin but do not get close to the facial nerves. The MACS lift is in this category. This technique creates small scars which can be hidden along the line of the ear so they are completely invisible.

Superficial lifts can be done with an endoscope (a tiny camera on the end of a needle) and they create the smallest scars. They cannot change the structure of the face. They only move fat from one area to another.

Which facelift is best for you?

We offer a a variety of specialist facelifts in London and from our Belgium clinics. The most important thing is finding the right balance for yourself. A deep plane facelift will affect the structure of the face but can be dangerous. A superficial lift is very safe but many not show any real result. The most balanced lift is a medium lift which will change the structure of the face in a safe way.

Can the scars be hidden?

In a MACS lift, the scars can be hidden along the hairline and the natural folds of the ear. In this way, they scars are completely invisible.

Surgery Preparation

To prepare for surgery, we ask you to quit smoking and find around two weeks of time for your recovery.

Where will my surgery be performed?

We perform facelift surgery at our specialist facility in Belgium which is where the MACS lift was invented. Our team has the most experience at this lift in the world and so you can rest assured that you will get the best possible result, safely.

Will anaesthetic be used?

We normally use general anaesthetic for the operation although a local anaesthetic is also possible if you are prepared to remain still.

What does the procedure involve?

The operation will lift the whole face from the chin to the brows including the neck if you opt for the full-option MACS lift. The MACS lift with Fogli brow lift will lift the whole face.

What happens after the surgery?

You stay in the clinic for the first night. Then you stay with us for one week in a quiet and picturesque guest-house set in the Belgian countryside. After one week our surgeons will take out the stitches and then you can go home.

How long does a facelift last?

The results of a MACS lift are permanent. Your face can look from ten to twenty years younger.

Are there any risks?

We ask patients to stop smoking because there it can affect the healing of the skin after the operation. Otherwise the operation, as we perform it, is very safe and we have performed this operation more than 10,000 times at our clinic. The operation is recognised worldwide as the safest way to change the structure of the skin without affecting the facial nerves.

London Facelift Consultations

London is famous for its private cosmetic medical sector, primarily in and around Harley Street. We provide one to one consultations directly without facelift surgeons in London. The consultation phase allows you to ease any questions or concerns you have before committing to any treatment. This should give you the confidence and ability to make an informed choice about which facelift treatment you prefer.

Unlike other facelift surgeons or clinics in London, we are founded by the inventors of the MACS facelift