Full-Option MACS Lift (3 purse-strings)


Facelift Full-Option MACS Lift (3 purse-strings)

Treatment Title Full-Option MACS Lift (3 purse-strings)
Treatment Category Facelift
Gender Specific Men, Women
Cost 10000 Euros
Recovery Period 3-4 Weeks

What is the treatment?


A full-option MACS lift (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Lift) has the MACS facelift at its core. 

The full-option version uses a range of other techniques at the same time to achieve a complete and permanent rejuvenation of your face.

These are:

  1. A three-purse string MACS lift
  2. Upper and lower eyelifts (blepharoplasty) using our own nanofat techniques and our own SNIF (Sharp Needle Intradermal Fat grafting) method instead of synthetic fillers
  3. A Fogli brow lift
  4. Neck liposuction where needed

1. The MACS lift

A MACS lift is far better than using fillers because fillers will only last for one year whereas a MACS lift can take ten to fifteen years off your face and that effect will be permanent. 

Fillers don’t make any changes to the underlying structure of your face whereas a MACS lift does. A MACS lift will look better and last longer than fillers.

The MACS lift is advanced, innovative surgery. Older facelift techniques such as the SMAS lift (Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System Lift) are more dangerous and that’s their main problem. 

SMAS lifts were designed to enter a very deep plane below the skin of the face and that’s where the facial nerves sit. 

If the surgeon touches the nerve or, in the worst case, cuts the nerve, then these techniques can cause paralysis of the face. That’s why we don’t offer deep plane facelifts and that’s why the MACS lift was invented. 

The MACS lift is safer than any other type of facelift and our team has more experience with it than any other team in the world because our clinic is where it was invented.

Surgeons from our clinic teach this technique to other surgeons around the world.  


What is the procedure of the MACS lift?

The first step of the procedure is to make an incision in front of the ear and the hairline. Then, through this incision, we place three purse-string sutures. 

  • The first purse-string is able to tighten the neck and the jawline.
  • The second purse-string is able to lift the lower half of the face.
  • The third purse-string is able to elevate the mid-face.

Some surgeons perform a MACS lift with only two purse-string sutures. At our clinic we always practice the MACS with three purse-strings – always. You can read more about the differences in a scientific journal written by one of our surgeons here:



2. The eyelift (blepharoplasty)

To add to the MACS lift, we also operate on the eyes. The upper eyelids are tightened and rejuvenated by removing a strip of skin and the lower eyelids are treated by removing bags under the eyes.

We perform eye lifts (blepharoplasty) differently to other clinics because we use our own special surgical techniques. These are nanofat and SNIF fat grafting – both of these methods were developed at our clinic alongside the MACS lift itself.

  • Nanofat is a technique that splits the body’s own fat into tiny fat droplets which lets us reinject it instead of using fillers. Injected nanofat does not get reabsorbed into the body like synthetic fillers so it does not disappear after a year.
  • The SNIF technique allows our surgeons to perform many ‘micro-injections’ into the skin around the eyes which enables us to ‘shape’ the eyes far more effectively than a normal blepharoplasty.

You can read about both of these techniques in the scientific abstracts written by surgeons at our clinic below:




3. The Fogli brow lift

The perfect complement to a MACS lift is a Fogli brow lift. The Fogli lift raises the ‘tails’ of your eyebrow in a very refined and sophisticated way.

The technique for performing a Fogli lift requires an incision in exactly the same place as the MACS lift (the hairline). For this reason it’s always best to perform these two procedures together.

When done together, these two procedures lift every level of the face from the neck, the jawline, the lower face, the midface and the brow.


4. Neck liposuction and liposculpture


A neck liposuction is part of the full-option MACS lift as well. It adds the finishing touch to this lift by ensuring the lift is unified throughout the face and neck.

As part of the full-option MACS lift we also do a fat transfer to the mid-face. To do this we use the body’s own fat from the neck.

The body’s own fat does not get reabsorbed in the same way that fillers do so, this way, we make the effect of our operation permanent and long-lasting. 

There’s no need to have surgery or fillers every year after a full-option MACS lift and nothing else is this safe and this effective.


How does the full-option MACS lift work?


The operation takes around four hours depending on how much work is involved. The full-option MACS lift is usually performed under a general anaesthetic but it’s possible under a local anaesthetic as well.

After the operation you stay in our ward for the first twenty-four hours under our 24-hour medical watch.

The morning after, your hair is washed by a nurse and after that you can go to a hotel nearby and you stay there for six nights.

On the seventh day, your stiches are removed by one of our surgeons and then you're free to return home. You can also return home earlier if you wish and have the stiches removed by your family doctor if you prefer. We advise against long-haul flights in the first week although flights and train travel within Europe is fine.

The cost of the hotel for six nights is included in the price for a full-option MACS lift.

Straight after the surgery, you’ll be bruised but this subsides very quickly and after a week you will look absolutely fine and after three or four weeks you will look really great.

It will take about three to four weeks before someone can go back to work comfortably.


Who is the treatment suited for?

This treatment is suitable for men or women over the age of twenty-five but great results can be achieved for those thirty-five, forty-five and fifty-five and over.

For younger patients smaller operations can be considered if the doctors agree.

Treatment Results:


This patient came to us in her late 50s and opted for a full-option MACS lift


The patient had the complete full-option lift with the MACS lift as its foundation.

I’ve had an amazing result! I’d recommend a MACS lift with Dr Verneulen to anyone.”


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When can I do sport again after a MACS lift?

You should wait around one month before restarting sport after a facelift.

Q: How soon can I travel after a facelift?

It’s best to wait one week before travelling until your stiches are out.