MACS lift with Fogli brow lift


Facelift MACS lift with Fogli brow lift

Treatment Title MACS lift with Fogli brow lift
Treatment Category Facelift
Gender Specific Men, Women
Cost 6500 euros
Recovery Period 3 Weeks

What is the treatment?


A MACS lift (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension lift) is the foundation of this facelift.

Not every patient needs or wishes the full-option version of the MACS lift and for this reason we also offer the MACS lift combined with Fogli brow lift alone.

The combination of these two techniques is extremely effective because when they're done together you can get a better result than performing each on their own.

The opportunity to get this improved result is a one-off opportunity for a surgeon and that's why we offer this combination as a more cost-effective yet still highly effective alternative to the full-option MACS lift.

This option does not include your accommodation cost.

1. The MACS lift

The MACS lift was invented at our clinic and we always perform the full version which uses ‘three purse-string’ sutures to lift the face rather than the ‘two purse-string’ version that other clinics offer. It works by lifting the underlying structures of the face safely.

The MACS is the most modern form of facelift surgery in the world. It’s both safer and more effective than all other possibilities such as fillers or deep plane lifts such as the older SMAS lift (Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System Lift).

The MACS is better than using fillers because it actually changes the underlying structure of the face permanently.

Fillers can only work for a year or so and always need to be redone. Fillers also don’t change the structures of the face so the ‘sagging’ is not changed at all.

Older, more invasive facelift techniques such as the SMAS technique are more dangerous than the modern MACS. SMAS lifts work by making cuts deep into the face and these cuts come close to the facial nerves.

One mistake in a SMAS lift can lead to facial paralysis. This can never happen with a MACS lift. The MACS was invented at our clinic and our surgeons lecture worldwide on how to perform the MACS lift.

Because of its combination of safety and effectiveness, the MACS is now becoming the most popular facelift technique in the world.


What is the procedure of the MACS lift treatment?

The MACS lift works by making a tiny incision just in front of the hair and into the hair above the ear.

After that’s done, the surgeon threads three sutures into the underlying structures of the face. These sutures are called ‘purse-strings’.

By drawing these purse strings, the MACS lift allows the surgeon to ‘lift’ the structures of the face back up to where they used to be – safely and permanently.

  • The first purse-string is able to tighten the neck and the jawline.
  • The second purse-string is able to lift the lower half of the face.
  • The third purse-string is able to elevate the mid-face.

Some surgeons perform a MACS lift with only two purse-string sutures. At our clinic we always practice the MACS with three purse-strings – always. You can read more about the differences in a scientific journal written by one of our surgeons here: 

2. The Fogli brow lift

Alongside the MACS lift, we perform the Fogli brow lift in this procedure. The Fogli lift works by focussing on the ends of the brow in the area known as the 'temporal region' – the tail of the brows.

It’s also a minimally invasive technique that our surgeons have great experience with. By only lifting the brow at the tips, it’s possible to create a refined, subtle and natural look.

A major advantage of this option is the way the MACS lift combines with the Fogli brow lift.

Both the MACS lift and the Fogli brow lift require an incision along the hairline. By performing both at the same time, the surgeons can get the best possible result.

In addition the two techniques together can affect the whole of the face (except for the eyes and for extended work on the neck).

The MACS lift will lift the neck, lower face, jawline and mid-face. The Fogli brow lift will lift the brow.

In this way the combination of the two procedures will work across the whole face.

How does the MACS lift with Fogli brow lift work?

You can expect the operation to last around four hours and it’s normally performed under a general anaesthetic. Once the operation is complete then you stay with us in the clinic for the first night under our twenty-four hour medical watch.

The next day our nurse will wash you hair and then you can go to a nearby hotel or guesthouse (not included in the price) for six nights.

Our team can help you find appropriate places to stay in the area when you book and prices for accomodation are very reasonable in this area.

After six nights, one of our surgeons will remove your stitches and then you’re ready to head back home.

Your face will look bruised straight after the surgery and there will be some swelling but this will have subsided after a week and you will be able to travel comfortably.

After three or four weeks you will start to look really great.

We recommend people to take around three to four weeks off work after the operation to be totally comfortable.

Who is the treatment best suited for?

This is a treatment for ages twenty-five and above but the best results are usually seen in patients of ages thirty-five and above.

Treatment Results:


Although the patient was in good health, her neck displayed strong sagging.


Neck liposuction was applied alongside the MACS and Fogli lift to give a unified result.

After I met Dr Vermeulen I knew he was the doctor I wanted. One factor was that he really listened. I’d consulted with many other surgeons who just didn’t really listen and Dr Vermeulen made me and my husband feel really confident.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where do you take the fat from for the fillers?

We take the fat from wherever you want, that can be your belly or it can be your thighs.

Q: Is there a scar after a MACS lift?

No, the only scarring is hidden in the natural folds of the ear and the incision above the ear is hidden by your hair. For male patients who keep their hair very short, you’re advised to grow your hair for a few weeks before the operation.