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Facelift Doctor - Wimbledon

About Facelift Surgery - Wimbledon

Wimbledon is not just famous for its tennis, but also for the many celebrities and a-listers who visit the UK to seek facelift surgery.

Wimbledon is a leafy and peaceful village in southwest London that dramatically changes its tranquil character every June and July.

This annual transformation has been happening since the 19th century when the Wimbledon tennis championships started.

The first signs that something really big is about to happen in Wimbledon becomes noticeable about one month before the tennis tournament begins in the last week of June.  Driving down Church Road past the All England Lawn Tennis Club, you can see construction work on a huge staircase and walkway which will eventually enable tennis fans to safely cross this extremely busy and hazardous road, during the tennis fortnight.

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What's near by

A short distance away in Wimbledon Village, shops, restaurants and pubs begin sprucing up their facades.  Hanging baskets with beautiful floral displays are suddenly suspended from every lamppost and equally impressive flower boxes adorn every possible windowsill.  Wimbledon is ready for visitors.

Wimbledon Station, situated in the main commercial part of Wimbledon, sees the first visitors arriving several days or even a week before the tournament.  Everywhere you look, you can see tourists wheeling suitcases, waiting for buses and taxis, en route to their many pre-arranged short-let flats, houses, hotels and guesthouses in and around Wimbledon.  You can’t help feeling the charged atmosphere; everyone is full of anticipation, just waiting for the tournament to start.

Whatever the weather, there is always something for visitors to see and do in and around Wimbledon.  The variety of attractions together with the superb selection of shops, bars, multi-complex cinema and theatres await tourists who get spoilt for leisure choices.  Apart from the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, there is the Wimbledon Society Museum of Local History and the Windmill Museum, depicting the history of windmills.